We established our brand in 2008 with a purpose to give our clients not just high quality clothes, but to raise the hope that our creation will reflect peoples’ feelings.

The DOMANOF team creates designs which are able to catch and mirror the delicate shade of your feelings, and your mood. DOMANOF is the clothing of a happy person, a person who is walking confident through the way of creation.

Searching for freedom, happiness through new emotions, and the sence of loneliness inside a big and crowded city — these emotional states of mind leads us, so you would receive unique and comfortable creations for your soul.


We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.

When we create our collections we only use natural and organic fabrics, and high quality sewing. The simple and calibrated lines create a perfect shape. And by various contrasts we attract the public’s attention and interest, and our designs figure become both unique and unrepeatable.
That feeling of freedom and light which you feel after repeated tries, and the inevital rejecting the conditions and stereotypes, that is our Experiment.
Our tagline is "Clothes Must Have Soul" where the soul means you.


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